unused (TRIAL) clips

Hi, I wanted to make a trial vid after(or before) my new street vid…
but I don’t think it will come :stuck_out_tongue: atleast not really soon… and I would like to make a vid with my friend + maby a euc vid +…
so here are the clips I already got for thhe trial vid (I know some are pretty sketchy(normally I hadded to film them again so they would be better but now the vid won’t come out…) xD
Most of the clips are 3-1 month old :wink:

I hope you enjoy :wink:

ps: I did a fast editing and stuf so the vid isn’t really good :p:p

Loved it, how high was that backwards seat sidehop? looked massive! :smiley:

I think 108-110 :wink:
and thx :roll_eyes:

dang dooood, awesome vid.

youre pretty much up there with the top trials riders now


Thx a lot :slight_smile:

Dude that was awesome!! Your hops are really high. I liked the hop to rubber on the green thing.

Actually that’s sick! :slight_smile: