''unused'' sponsor vid.

I’ve send this vid to municycle.com but this vid wasn’t what i exspected and it wasn’t good enough (I didn’t get the sponsor) so he is a kind of unused.

Nice job man, I liked the mix of street and flat. :slight_smile: One tip I have, is to only film each trick once, but then film more combos or street tricks or whatever to use that space. That way the video will be more interesting. I think in a couple months if you make another video, you’ll get it for sure! :slight_smile:

Great video! Really nice riding! It’s cool that you landed your second, third and fourth treyflips in a row!

First of all: Nice vid! Way better than i could ever be in street/flat :wink:

Second: (this goes to all riders who make sponsorvideos… please do not take it personaly, its just my 2cent for “beeing sponsored”)

You have to answer a few questions before making a request (and be honest):

Why do you want to be sponsored, do you really need a sponsorship for some of your activities?
Do you have some good publicity, do the people around and in the internet know who you are?
How can you make advertisments for your sponsor (eg: appear in the news, magazines, your website, blog etc)?
Or do you just want to have free stuff?

If you answered the last question with yes -> forget about it! Nobody is giving away free stuff without getting any advertisment. Beeing sponsored (and taking it seriously) is hard work! You have to be always present, making advertisments for you sponsor, making good pictures and videos, take part in competitions, writing reports for them and all the stuff.

A very good example is Lutz -> sponsored by adidas, Kris Holm and ajata
He is making some really good videos, his website is always up to date, he travels around the world and is representing our sport in a very very good way.

@smilymarco: I’ve answered those quistions in my mail to municycle :wink:
‘‘I give workshops at festivals and I’m making video’s often’’ that is the benefit for municycle, but they had enough sponsors at the moment.

That’s a good start :slight_smile:

Maybe try local bikeshops, try to do short demos on events and stuff. That’ll help to get you recognized (+ some little extra cash :wink: )

Nice video man i need to learn how to catch my 5’s like that. it looks sick!

and I need to learn how to catch my 5’s with 2 hands, becouse everytime I try 720’s I drop my seat:p