[Unused Footage] Momento


I was supposed to do a collaboration video with a Québec rider, but it will not be for now. I wanted to use the footage in a video, otherwise it would be too old. There are already some clips older than a year in there…

I apologize for the lack of fancy editing and the crappy music fitting, I am having some problems with WMM…


Enjoy !


P.S. : I am matching with the background at 2:47, and THPS 2 rocks !

very big street vid!Gratulation!!!

Awesome riding, I liked the street. Cool 8 stair grind, and the set-flat-sets were awesome.

Good song…but didn’t think it fit the video, editing was alright as was the filming.

Was the second clip a 360 rev??

There was only a 6 stairs handrail and a 10.

It was actually a 360 lateflip, but that would be a good idea to try that on a set.


BIIIG rolling hops


Nice triplebackflip

i can´t watch it
vimeo sais i need a password

I typed in THPS and it worked

Oh, I miscounted then, even nicer then. :slight_smile:

Cool, I really liked the grind to flip over the rail.

how did you find out thps?

cool vid! :smiley:

I guessed

Your a good guesser :smiley:

lol thanks!

Hugo said THPS 2 rocks, so i thought that THPS might be the password. Thats how i figured it out.

Was the grind to flip over the rail hard or did the rail do the work for you?
The 3 flat 4 looked big.

Could have had more big street tho :stuck_out_tongue: Bit too much manny pads

Very cool

Good vid.

Your outflips are silly :p. You almost do the splits in the air…

Lol i was gonna say, I love the way you do that. Outflip sexchange line for example

Agreed. Looks cool.

great video! loved the big rolling hop at the end over the 2 stair sets