unused clips / flatland clips

Hey guys, I’ve been injured for about 3 and a half weeks and its gunna be at least a few more before i can ride so i figured i would just throw what i had together now for something to do. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone enjoys my dodgey flatland and the clips that probably wouldnt have gotten used for anything ever :slight_smile:

Oh…my bad forgot the sponsor title screen…, here’s the Plug.

unicycle.com.au for the win :slight_smile:

Awesome, dude. Nice dog :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Thats Ally. i dont try to include my pets they just love getting on camera. :stuck_out_tongue: Ally has been in a few and my cat too! :slight_smile:

cool vid man. crankflip up the ledge was pretty high! last clip looked painful. ive done similar things to my ankle before. hope it gets better soon

edit: GO TEAM (unicycle.com.au, Team Dirty Needlezz and Aussie Represent)

can you upload it on vimeo?
i can´t watch it :frowning:

i love your style!!!
great vid!!!

Your vids are always enjoying.

Niiiiice! awesome flow!

I actually enjoy simple but smooth flat like that way more than all the crazy complex stuff that ends up looking crap.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: the only reason the flat is simple is because thats all i’ve learnt :stuck_out_tongue: i like doing it without any hops before or after though better to watch imo :slight_smile:

Uploading to vimeo atm, if my internet wants to be nice…

Wow man, how are those clips unused? They were awesome :slight_smile:

well, the first one i filmed for fun just after i learnt to glide. :slight_smile: all the flatland i was just filming as i learnt new tricks to maybe make a flat vid one day. the trey flip was just something to do :stuck_out_tongue: the crankflip up the ledge was from like 6 months ago on the same day i made some of my last video, didnt use it though. same with the clip up the tower and the 270-180-180-180-270 didnt use them as they werent “street” :stuck_out_tongue: and the crankflip at the end was just painful really…hope to land it one day :slight_smile:

vimeo :

hasn’t converted yet but should be done in 20 mintues or so.

Team Dirty Needlez up in the hizzaaaay!

super cool. that was quite a ledge to flip up and the unispins on tire were nice.

we should go riding sometime. im getting into flat a bit now

Thanks :slight_smile: we sure should go riding! Too bad my foot is still sore! :frowning: another few weeks and hopefully it’s better… Flat is fun for something different :slight_smile:


You’re such a tank Sam.

Liked the smooth flat. That flip up was massive, and the unispins on tyre were so nice. Looked like you did your ankle in pretty badly; massive ledge. Hope it’s healed up fine.