Unu books - recommendations

Afternoon all.
Although I never seem to get the time progress with my riding I still enjoy reading anything uni related.

So, what uni related books have you read that you would recommend?


I recently bought Mountain and trials unicycling by Kris Holm. I bought it from UDC. I have read it from front to back and now reread sections of it as and when i have time and want to improve certain things ie hops/rolling hops. Handy to keep in the car for situations like waiting for the missus. I would certainly recommend it. Forgot to say i have only been unicycling for approx five months. So possibly not as interesting if you are already very experienced.

The uniycle.com story is pretty interesting for those of us who are unicycle nerds. I’m not sure if it is readily available in physical form but you can buy it online in ebook form from Amazon for about $8.

Very interesting read, I could even forgive all the references to God in it.