Untitled - Pöhams & Simon


We filmed some clips at the last 3 days.
FIlming and Editing isn’t really special, but i hope you like it nevertheless.

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1271-Untitled
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1271.untitled.mov




Awesome! I like it! :):slight_smile:

The locations made it amazing!! Elias’ drop to pedal grab and back up was cool and daring!

The big drops and filming of it all were just awesome!

And Lorenz’s 720 side and Raphael’s lateflip line were so smooth!

Loved it guys!

I really liked the first couple of shots, they were amazing. The whole thing was really nice too… and it felt weird to see it a black tire in a Poham video haha. I really was like wait, what, wait, black tire? haha.

Props on the 540.

Yeah they always ride kinda zebra tires :stuck_out_tongue:

You stole my song! Never mind yu used it 1 billion times better than me:p

This video is sooo awesome :smiley: It has such a great feeling!
Riding, filming and editing was brilliant as always!

I never thought about that we always use white tires :roll_eyes: I’m quite often riding a black one :wink: but yes, zebra tires rules:D

Sorry to steal your song, but there are a lot of other amazing songs of that band :slight_smile:

Really cool video!

Good skills mate :slight_smile:

Don’t worry abut it man! It just made the feeling of the video much better :stuck_out_tongue:

I really love how your lens can zoom in so well, it gets some awesome shots! Like in the first ones of Elias

I used this song too! You thief! :stuck_out_tongue: My video is private though, and I made it in like February xD

First comment, Elias has got freaking balls to do the stuff he does. He’s one of the most fun people to watch I think.

Second, great stuff from everyone else. Raphi, your lateflip line was soo clean and 1:30 was just awesome. And I liked the look of Lorenz’s 7side to seat in front. Looks like he can get 9sides before regular 9s? :stuck_out_tongue: Simon’s line at 1:46 was nice. Keep making videos :smiley:

Btw, I forgot to mention the shot starting at 1:48. Greaaat filming there. Something different, and fresh.

Great video :smiley:

Mais styyyyyyyy!!! That was awesome. Its a video like, yeah we rocked up to this weird place with our unicycles, and we kicked its ass.

Oh wow, that was a fantastic video! :smiley:

I loved the location for this one, and agreed with Christian that you kicked its ass.
You guys just keep getting bigger and better. Cleaner and faster.
Elias’ crank grab back up was crazy and yet so incredibly beautiful. The flip line was so clean and also fresh at the same time.

It was just a little weird though not seeing a single crankroll trick in whole video :stuck_out_tongue: haha, but it really was a great video. Good film, good edit, amazing feeling.

that was sweet guys :slight_smile: really really enjoyed it. possibly more than your crazy flatland videos where i have to watch each clip 4 times to see what happened. :stuck_out_tongue: such a nice feel to this one and some sick lines and locations! loved the late 180 off ledge thingy…

no new sick trick riding like your other vids…, but it is still enjoyed it a lot!!
filming and music were great and the riding was smooth :slight_smile:

Elias’ drop looked a lot of fun =D
Lorenz 7side was clean and loved his crankflip, rinding, hop, faill :stuck_out_tongue:
Raphi: your style is so so nice!! 540was clean!
Simon: downhill was nice + trial line :slight_smile:

edit: what is the name of the music ^^?

Loved it! Even though, like Tim said, it had no new sick trick riding like your other vids, I still enjoyed it! Your editing is really good, and ofcourse all of your riding is awesome! :slight_smile:

Mumford and Sons-The Caves :wink:

Thanks for all your comments :slight_smile:

Yeah, no new sick tricks, but we just wanted to film some easy, good looking and clean tricks.

I want to go more creative in my street riding and i don’t really want to increase my flips and spins. I’d prefer seeing a creative flat/street vid, than a video with quintflip, 1080… :roll_eyes:

This makes me happy.