unsuccesful Muni

well It was a snow day (or freezing rain day) so i decided to go on a MUni ride down on the snowmobile trails. i brought my mom along to take some pictures (she walked).
I had to go down a Big hill to get to the trails and that hill was incredibly Icey. the sander had been by in the morning but there was now ice built up on top of the sand. I had to take great caution going down as it was hard to just plain walk on.
I finally made it down (without falling) and made my way to the trail only for more disapointment, because of the warm weather the snow was super sinky it took all my efort just to stay up and keep moving i ended up walking alot. I was trying to get to the main trail where i thought it would be more hard packed… I was wrong it was just as sinky. so i walked back and had to walk up the hill 'cause i coudn’t grip on the ice.
All in All it was a bad ride, but i learned an important lesson, never ride after freezing rain :roll_eyes: Can someone tell me how to post pictures then I’ll put some on

Below the window where you type in your post there is a list of additional options. One of those options is “attach files” where you push the “Manage Attachments” buttons. It sort of leads you through the process. Please resize photos to a maximum of 640 pixels in width to keep from wrapping over the edge of the screen.

Another option is to provide links in your post to your gallery or your webpage if you have one. This is particularly useful if you have gobs of photos from a ride.

Didn’t we go over this in JC?