(unofficial) Arizona Muni Weekend success

Just wanted to send a big thanks to Mark Mccann, Chris LaBonte, and others who helped create an excellent unofficial Arizona Muni weekend even though Chris was unable to attend. The trails were a great challenge, the weather was nice to us, and the company was very warm and only slightly bloody. If you have pics from the weekend, post them here. If you didn’t make it this year, hopefully we’ll see you next year!

Yes, it was a great group of riders. It was fun to get to share some nice tech MUni with some skilled riders. I was too busy getting slightly bloody and neglected to take any pictures.

That was a great event! Those trails were legit. Thanks Mark, Chris and everyone!

Yea, it’s still great that something could be put on, and even as “unofficial” as it was, there was still some awesome riding!

Hey Mango, your’e Erik right? Nice riding btw. Hope to hook up with the San Diego contingent in Cali one of these days.


Right on, Andy. You know I was impressed with your mad rolling skills too! Yep, come on over any time. You’ve got my, Carol’s, other Andy’s, and Minnette’s emails addresses so shoot us an email whenever you feel like heading this way. Keep up the good work!