unoffical uni events for moab

well i was just thinking of some fun optional but unoffical things to do while at moab when were not riding.

  1. uni jousting we can probly fit this in during down time for those taht want it. i would chip in 5$ for a wodden pole and a pool noddle.

  2. uni invasion. this basical means going through own riding in and getting and out of department stores. also if there was a pay operated car wash we could all ride through that would be fun. A night on the town!

  3. campfires- either at the campsight or a local riders house, or in a trash can infront of the local walmart. there would be like mashmellows and camp stuff.

other ideas?

I know we will all be beat at the end of everyday but these could be some fun things to do.

These would be sorta low key optional things to do, for those who want to do it.

I also realize these would have to be “unofical events” as to not run into legal problems.

I oplojize for speling, im tired.

I think the saturday night dinner in the park would be a great place to do some of that…Because we’ll be staying in a hotel the whole time, away from the majority of people.

I’m bringing my juggling stuff, and I think James Potter said he was going to too (if he comes) and some other people… so we could like…do juggling stuff…

As well as non-muni unicycling contests, messing around in the park. I’m sure that would happen anyway.

i was thingking uni invason on friday night.
and jousting/ jugling, a campfire satarday night.
I dont know, but it seems like doing these would be more fun than laying in my foot and a half tall tent

Yeah, hooray for free hotels!

My dad stays at Holiday Inn’s once a week for his work, and racks up a lot of prioity club points, enough for several free nights. So, it’s like frequent flier miles, but with hotels…

But that mean’s we’ll be farther away from the action alot.

hitting up a kariokie bar could be fun too, although ill need a couple of drinks before i sing anything

After painfully listening to the worst of the worst on American Idol, a show watched by millions of people, I don’t think you have much to fear. Most people who do karaoke are pretty bad, but it’s all in fun and no “judges” like Simon to cut you down.! No biggie. I think I’ll do “Wild Thing” with my rubber Guitar! :sunglasses:

you all should ride your uni’s through the hotels, and stuff, like just for fun, going to get ice? take your uni and idle while your waiting for the ice machine to give you ice, and like idle in the elevator and stuff, it would be so cool!

Thou shall not dismount from ones uni!!!

just remember that lost admendment and youll be fine, seriously though, ride through all the stores, in the hotels, down the stairs of the hotel, anywhere that you usally wouldnt ride, and also video tape all the times you get kicked out of a store =p

Yeah, and then videotape the owners of the store going to Rolf afterwards and blaming him for the whole thing. If a mountain biker does stupid things in Moab, they’ll just think it’s some stupid mountain biker. But if a unicyclist does something bad during the MMF, they’re going to blame the entire festival. Face it, we’re still freaks enough in most people’s eyes that what one unicyclist does will reflect badly on the rest of us. We want everyone in Moab to welcome us back year after year.

yeah, that is true, i hate when that happens, not just for unicycling\biking events, but for any subject.

anyways, i should just get some videos of me riding through rosaurs, get kicked out of there, joust at walmart, ride through the library and ask for a unicycling book so i can learn to ride lol, and any other store that would kick me out, i think that would be fun

yeah i like riding through stores and stuff but for the organizers sake i wanna stay within the law.
like riding through carwashes and stuff

yep =p, either way though its gonna be lots of fun

off-topic: i see you use myspace, you dont mind if i add ya do you?

go right ahead

eek! is anyone going to go to the local skate park on friday before the practice loop? I dont know if i will be up that early or not. I think its at 10:00A.M.

i might go to the skatepark if time permits…
i’ma be staying at the campsite, so i don’t know how it’ll turn out.
Maybe after the ride?

Nite Ride Slickrock on a Uni

We’re going, for sure!

i think i will go then! If i don sleep wich i probably wont because its MMF!

go through a drive through at mickey d’s

lol, i did that at a burgerking down the street at my house and bought a rootbeer float, person at first gave me some weird looks then he asked if i could do much so i rode away one footed, and that left him in shock lol