Unmentioned benefit to Coker-commuting

Because of the large wheel diameter, slush and crap doesn’t fly up onto your back…it kinda goes up and back.

I thought where I was going today was 5km’s away…it turned out to be about 15.

Remember me mentioning the jeans+Viscount combo not that bad? I take it back :astonished:

At least if my water gets shuts off, my cat can groom the road crap off it :slight_smile:


Haha. Glad to see someone is carrying on the unicycle in bathtub trend.

Wow, both of those are nice. Jeans and any seat for 15km’s probably isn’t good. Accord, your Uni is in like, MINT condition. It’s all shiny and such. If I get a chance I’ll do a bathtub pic of me and my Uni, clothes included.

I try and keep all my unicycling equipment in mint condition, and regularly detail my unicycle(s). It’s a shame no one wants a nice deal on this freestyle one I have for sale.

Re: Unmentioned benefit to Coker-commuting

Also, your feet don’t get wet going through puddles and you don’t have to worry about clipping pedals on low objects like curbs. But watch out for the snow and ice this winter. I found that cornering on snow is sketchy on a a Coker. I fell riding through some snow in a turn on Tuesday. Somehow, I couldn’t eject myself away from the Coker and landed on the side of the wheel with my butt. That makes twice that I’ve taco’d this Coker wheel. Guess I better save up for an upgrade.



thats because that pic is a year old when he first bought it.before it became the “black Panther”

detail my eye :wink:

Try 3 months. Bought it in December, that was taken in March during Spring Break. :wink:

Be patient. It’s too nice for someone not to want it. If you haven’t sold it by next summer, have someone bring it to NAUCC (if you can’t go). I’m sure if people see it live, they’ll be all over it.

I love red unicycles. Unfortunately, I have a brand new Wyganowski Freestyle that I got last summer…

Re: Re: Unmentioned benefit to Coker-commuting

I’ve found butt-uprades to be prohibitively expensive. :stuck_out_tongue: