Ah well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be, always sad to hear about people who just give up on us

Above is about Adam Ryznar quiting unicycling

yes he aint been riding for ages… i knew that for ages.



Chris Reeder, the creater of the Reeder handle, is another of the casualties.

I can’t say that name rings a bell, but still it sux all the same, we’re a dyin breed

Luckily we certainly are not a dying group. There are a lot of unicyclists and different kinds of unicycles available now. And unicycles are getting a bit cheaper too.

I think it was a dumb idea to start a thread about someone you don’t know and say you are sad to see them leaving unicycling.
Adam I was talking about is one of the makers of and riders in universe 1.I am with Jo on this one the unicycle world is growing with people finding out about the “cooler” sides of unicycling trials/muni.And with better uni’s hubs the limits of what you can do is amazing.
So go out and ride he would of wanted it that way?!?!

So your telling me that you think its stupid that me (and many others I’m sure) are sad to see a talented unicyclist stop. If David Beckam stopped playing football would football fans not be sad to see him stop? If Jonny Wilkinson stopped playing rugby would rugby fans not be sad to see him stop? If Tony Hawk stopped skating would skate fans not be sad to see him stop? As for the “dying breed” comment I said it in the passing and I quite agree with you guys, thanks to guys like Adam Ryznar the Xtreme side of Unicycle has finally been unearthed and is probably more popular than it ever has been.

I think the point is that adam, quit sum time ago and it was his desision, if David Beckham quit, i wudnt be sad.


Who is David Beckham? I presume he’s a British football (scoccer over here in the 'States) player.

For what it’s worth, I remember when Pele quit. He was awesome. At the time I was sure the sport was doomed. Go figure…

From what I understand, he’s the world’s highest paid professional athlete. Yep, you got his sport right.

i think i read your post wrong when you said the name does not ring a bell i now realise that you were talking about Chris Reeder not Adam.so i retract my reply. when i said the thing about a rider you don’t know what i ment to say was a rider you had never heard of, or thats how i ment it to sound.

ok man, I understand why you reacted the way you did now

adam is no the only drop-out

At the NYC Unatics meetings, we run into SO MANY people who USED to unicycle. It appears that among unicyclists, the quitters far outnumber those who remain among us. Why do so many unicyclists leave the fold? One of our problems with retention is the poor pension plan.

I think im ever gonna quit. but i suppose everyone thinks that at some point. I have actually quit almost all my other hobbies to get more uni time. if i ever hurt my legs im so screwed.

Re: adam is no the only drop-out

I think all of us quit lots of things. Did you ever bowl? Did you used to ride a bike, or play games you no longer play? Avid participants in those activities might say the same thing about you.

Many people learn to ride a unicycle, but don’t become what we might call “unicyclists.” They just can ride, and aren’t necessarily that interested beyond that fact. Even if they only do that much, they boost our sport by being involved, sharing knowledge about it, and usually by buying a unicycle.

Many other people rode as kids, and then stopped because at the time, there wasn’t anything to do with it other than “kids” stuff. Nowadays there are many more recognized ways to have a lot of fun with a unicycle, and it makes it much more appealing to adults.

So some come back. Lucky us! John Drummond came back. Where would be be without him?

This means that Adam, Chris, and all the others who once rode with us may yet return.