Unknown Scratches On My Hub

Hey everyone, I was removing the hub from my Torker DX today so I could convert it tonight. I noticed some odd scratches on the hub and was wondering if anyone else has the same scratches or if anyone knows what they are caused from. They are on both sides, but worse one . here is a pic.

It’s a very small pic. It doesn’t even show up on my screen. Do you have a larger copy?:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry forgot the the pic.

My computer is being stupid at the moment and I can’t load the pic. It is a small scratch close to the center of the hub and follows it about a third of the way around the circumfrence. I will try to attatch the pic once I figure out what is going on with the computer. It dosn’t seem to like this site lately.

I think I know exactly what your talking about. But, are the scratches inside the wheel, as in inbetween the spokes, or outside were the frame goes?

My DX has that, because the frame/bearing holders rub on the hub in between the frame and the spoke flanges when I dont have it on right or when its too tight.