Unizaba on Sky (UK) TV - 13/7/04

The half-hour (extended) version of Unizaba is being re-shown on Adventure One (channel 560 on Sky). Don’t know if that channel appears on Cable line-ups…

The programme’s called “Total Adventure” and is on at 11pm on Tuesday 13th July.

It’s the one Kris mentioned here:



Re: Unizaba on Sky (UK) TV - 13/7/04

That’ll be tomorrow, then.


I’d better watch and tape it then.

bloody good show, i really enjoyed this, and kris, if u ever read this u hav sum balls doing sum of that stuff, good on u


Argghh. I forgot to tape it. :frowning:

good show, thanx for informin us bout that cause if you hadn’t I would never have seen it
I agree Kris has got some balls to do all that, I have much respect for him, I like his philosophy.

Yay my dad taped it for me!

I just watched it and it was pretty good. Was a bit short though, I’d love to have seen more.