UniVideo: Dutch Pride

Hey guys,

Tristan and me shot a new video this last week, in this video we’re representing the dutch unicyclists, Tristan’s showing the trial side and I dumped my 36er and took my old 20" out of the closet to give it a go and ride some street.


Hope you’re enjoying it, 4:08 minutes of unicycling, 0:00 minutes of Shaun!



Nice movie Dustin.
Great trials by your brother and good railgrinds Dustin.


sweet vid.

The big problem with this video was that we had two types of clips. The short, fast street style tricks by Dustin, and the slow, long trial clips by me. This took some sacrificing on the trial side, so you’ll see a lot of fades to cut out some prehops or setup hops. Sometimes this makes the lines look like they’re not actually done in one go, but rather seperatly (especially so on the line where I pedalgrab a ledge, do a gap to the other ledge and then a gap to a narrow bar, because the camera has moved around me at this moment). I’m working on becoming a smoother rider though, but it’s usually more a case of guts, and mentally preparing for what I’m about to do then skill.


to download:

Damn guys, that was great! I really liked to see both styles together. I do like street but i cant watch all street all the time. What a great mix!

What pedals does the street rider have? the grinds are so smooth (and even over small bumps) that it makes me jealous!

once again, awesome job!

rock on dutchies :sunglasses: !

That was a cool vid! :roll_eyes:

Nice video guys :sunglasses:

WHAAat??? :astonished:

Hey mate, just using standard BMX pedals by BBB, but the big secret is wax, and not the pedals. Just buy like a big candle from the supermarket and rub it on the rail, grinds much better.

Ken! I’m so sorry :frowning: I’m just installing my handles on the 36er again so I can take it for a nice long spin, I’m thinking about doing 50k this week, because I have so much spare energy, I havn’t ridden it since Unicon and I can lose a lot of energy on that thing.

Thanks for the comments Amanda, lot’s of people agree with you, I’ve had so much replies on the dutch forum about filming that I’m sure I’ll get the next video right!

I hope you enjoyed it all,


EDIT: Yep…

Someone (I think it was ntappin, but I’m not completely sure) posted once that a better outlook while doing a trials line is to think of obstacle A only as a stepping stone to get to obstacle B…not as an obstacle itself…for instance, if you’re hopping across a series of 5 little platforms, your goal is the fifth platform…the other 4 are just stepping stones to get there.

This helps/helped me a lot with nerves.

nice video

Too bad it was no shaun it…That shudd had made the street part’s about 100000 time’s better.

nice film anyway