University trials demo

Warning: contains excessive prehops

This is a trials demo me and Joe did a few months ago, it’s not gonna impress any of the Andrew Carters of the world and unfortunately our cameraman had to leave before our 2nd segment (after several beers we did a lot better).

Happy Last Day of the year to everyone who checks this today. Wishing you all a great 2005!


5.2mb version -
18mb version -

Pete! the link ain’t working!

could have been edited!.

I have a serious concern about your video though!, dont take this personally but i run an online fire community for fire performers… i really dislike the fire breathing at the end of the video, and it shouldn’t have been in there!, there was no safety there on site, nor fire extinguishers, you looked as though you had no experience of fire breathing what so ever and was just doing it for a laugh or to wow the crowd for some reason.
Please don’t, i have 6 friends all performers of professional calibre that perform for a living, and they have had serious reprocussions from fire breathing.

Fire Breathing!! please read this! This is an article by a very close friend of mine.

First Aid For Burns An article written by a friend of mine who is a surgeon but also spins fire for a hobby.

I recomend reading them both before any one should attempt to fire breath.

sorry to nag, but i have nearly lost several close friends through this and it is not some thing to take likely. I dont think your mom would be happy with you when she is at your hospital bedside wiping your arse cos your paralised from the neck down from chemical pnewmonia [sp?] because you inhailed the fumes from the paraffin… this happend to one of my best mates! please dont let it happen to you too.

apart from that, nice riding.

PETE!! it’s still not working!!! I really want to see it!

ok, I only got the low quality version of it running…boy that seemed like a fun and long demo!

Here’s the gallery link: University Trials Demo gallery

The 18MB file didn’t survive the upload but the smaller 5.2MB file is there.

17MB is about the max size that I’ve been able to upload to the gallery lately. Anything bigger than that and the file ends up in the bit bucket right after the upload. Try compressing it just a bit more to get it down to 17MB and then the upload may be successful.

Nice video, altough I did play in in 1.5x speed, becuase there were some long gaps of nothing happening. The music was good and playing with fire is cool. Nice job!

orange hair = joe, blame him for the firebreathing!

Don’t know what the deal is with the 18mb version, i could try redoing it next year, sorry gotta run.

I’ve left the computer uploading a 35mb version so I’m guessing it won’t work.


precisely why you should read the links to the articles i linked up!, playing with fire is not cool!, and your a fucking twat for thinking it!, how about you spend 2 months with your mom wiping your arse and see how cool it is then!.

sorry but stupid idiotic comments like that is what causes accidents, and every one here goes on about wearing helmets and all the safety gear and you go and post a comment like that!, maybe you should read peoples posts before saying your two cents.

IF you came to my website and the community we run there and post the same comment and see the reply that you would recieve.

please see that you go and educate yourself!

How could Joe have messed up? Was he risking his life? I know he’s done that sort of thing quite a bit.

Dude, chill. I know that playing with fire is not cool. I grew up in Hawaii where people buy hundreds of dollars woth of roman candles, firecrackers, cherry bombs and bottle rockets, and by age 5 I had already lit/shot off all of the previously listed. I know to respect fore for what it is, and not to mess with it.

The funniest part is, I said that just to get a response from you, so chill.

However brethng fire is cool, and same with flaming devilsticks…

i just dont think that it should be put in a unicycle video!, he may have done it before, i have done it for years but i was a fire performer for a living… there are elements of danger not just from swollowing a flame, inhalation of fumes, chemical pnewmonia, i suffer from tooth rott from the ammount of paraffin i have had in my mouth from fire breathing.
My friend spent 2 months in hospital in a bad way, paralised from the neck down, another friend who wrote the article i linked up in my first post who took 2 years of recovery before she was able enough to carry on with her career… so just two examples.

pete im not getting at you, my last post was for the muppet that thinks fire is cool!.. it is far from it.

I’d have expected more from a community like this! a community that focuses on safety, we all know the dangers that can occur from unicycling, well my main hobby is fire and i certainly all to well know the dangers there, dont just go around and play with fire because it looks cool or it will impress people, certainly dont put a video on the net when you can blatantly see there is no safety there and the person doing it doesn’t even know what he is doing!.. his technique is all wrong for a start you can see he is dribbling paraffin all down himself, does he even know if he is using the correct fuel?, read the MSDS for the fuel?, what the fuels flash point is? will some one know what to do if that spilt paraffin on his jumper ignite and he cathes fire?, you know i could go on for ages here but im not going to, i just hate seeing this kind of thing, i nearly lost some extremly close friends through accidents that were not their fault when fire breathing, you have to remember that it is not just the person doing it, there are the conditions around too, the environment, all it takes is a slight breeze!!! thats all it takes.

dont tell me to chill!.. do you even know me? no !

i think your a cunt if you think it is slightly funny, and if you think that sparking a reply out of me buy saying some thing like that when you dont even know me… what makes it so clever to you to even bother… have i done some thing to upset you? have i picked on you before?.. answer no!..

so before you decide to make any more remarks towards me, educate yourself and learn to respect others that use these forums.

Listen, I think you’re overreacting, pk. We all know that playing with fire, although undeniably fun, could be life threatening. I’m sure that Joe knows the risks involved with firebreathing and he knows how to do it safely and properly, otherwise he likely wouldn’t have been in that movie. If you catch my drift.

So cool down a bit, no one was hurt, were they now?

Oh, please have mercy on me oh mighty fire god!!! I shall repent for my sarcasm, and never even look at fire again…

Nah, I’ll play with fire in my next video just for you. :smiley:

Seriously though, I didn’t do it to offend you or make you angry, I was just having a little humorous fun. Don’t take it personally. I am just the kind of person who likes to poke fun every once and a while, and is that a dangerous crime? I think not. So chillax, and don’t worry about this troublesome “muppet” and life will go alot smoother for you Mr. angry fireman…

Oh, here is a video I think you will like, of fire unicycle hockey, and flaming wheels.


So let’s end this threadjack and let it return to being about pete’s cool video

I am going to make a video with stuff blowing up all around me, just to get a fun response…

Great video, to get back on the topic of things…

My video will likely have a clip of us burning sap, and sticking it on the end of sticks and burning it, do you think he’ll like that?

I know that everyone will like it. I declare January as annual “Play with fire on a video month”

yaaaay, let’s all celebrate it by setting our hair on fire!!

(I have a friend who did that recently. he was holding it up to his face, and said, ‘hey, it smells funny if I hold it under my hair!!’
then all of a sudden… FWOOM!)

hahah what a dumbass hahahaha that made me laugh (no offense intended becuase i dont want people to get mad at me)
and nice video