universe2 "secet section"

I was watching Universe 2 yesterday and a found a secret “Secret Section”. I want into Bonus footage and hit some buttons to try to make my DVD player go in slow motion, and all of a sudden a “Secret Section” of some really cool footage came up. Has anyone else found this section or am I just crazy.

Several people have mentioned this in other threads. They have taken to calling them eggs or Easter eggs. I have seen the hidden section, though I don’t think I would have found it if had not read about their existence.

This has to be the best unicycling DVD ever made in the history of mankind. If I am mistaken, someone please tell me.


I’m not quite convinced its worth my $20 right now… But I’m still thinking.

where in bonus footage, and what buttons need to be pushed… You’re such a tease, just give it to me!

I just figured out the bottons. Before it was just luck. At any time in the bonus footage pause the movie and hit scene skip. It should work.

not working with the pausing and scene skipping, could it be that i’m watching it on a computer? I’m using a pretty standard remote in the dell media experience program… it runs just like it was on a tv and playing off of a dvd player…

you have either found a new bonus section or a differant route to it.there is a much easier way than what your doing.

if the secret section has a certain Nintendo game as the soundtrak then we are talking about the same one…

Semper_uni,i sent you a PM with a hint to find it.

Yes. We’re talking about the same section. How did you get to it?

i’ll send you a PM.

Jag, you are correct. And thanks for not ruining the easter egg hunt for the people who want to hunt for themselves.

There is only 1 easter egg. I believe Uni412 found it as the result of some slightly unusual DVD player behavior.

I hid the easter egg in a perfectly “normal” way. It does not require any complicated button combinations, but it does take some hunting.

Woo Hoo! I found it after about 5 minutes of looking! In the process I also discovered Unicycle.com’s commerical.

Universe 2 - The gift that keeps on giving!

I came across the egg early on but didn’t make the connection until I read about the hidden section. But then I couldn’t remember where it was!

That is one syko egg.

What were they passing through the funnel and tube?

You mean the beer bong? One can only guess…

All right, it’s starting to bug me now. I’ve explored seemingly every permutation I can think of to find the thing. Maybe my DVD isn’t compatible with it?

oh it is,PM me if you want a hint.

EDIT:nbrazzi rules for this,all i ever asked for in UII was an egg.im so happy there is one.most movie DVD’s do too.

Can someone PM me and tell me how to find the egg please?? Thank you!

Re: universe2 “secet section”

nbrazzi <nbrazzi@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> I hid the easter egg in a perfectly “normal” way. It does not require
> any complicated button combinations, but it does take some hunting.

Not just hunting, but the right equipment too. I searched for this
section for several days with no luck. Until I gave up trying on my
computer (Mac OSX DVD Player) and switched to a plain old dvd player,
that is. The funny thing is that the DVD looks like it was authored
on a Mac (at least that’s my guess since it includes Apple’s DVD@ccess

Am I missing something?


It was authored on a Mac. DVD Studio Pro 1.5.

I’m surprised and I don’t know why it wouldn’t work on your Mac DVD player. There are glitches that arise now and then even on Hollywood authored DVDs.