UNiVERsE II Preveiw

i saw it tonite,i was sick,discusted and checking to make sure all my limbs were attached afterward…

So where’d you see it? Have I missed something?


yes jagur…taunt us with your good fortune cries

Re: UNiVERsE II Preveiw

so, it was good then?


Is there a website that you can download it from… Dan Heaton said ages ago that he would put something onto www.sykoproductions.com, but i’ve checked every day, and it still says “coming July 2003.” Just wondering, isn’t it september now…
Anyway, Dan’s probably too busy unicycling… I don’t blame him, I would be too if I was half as good as him!!!

check this tread for the answer.


154 is right.the clip is on that VHS tape cokerhead was offering a couple weeks ago…i dont have the equipment to convert it though.

I don’t have the equipment to convert it either; otherwise I would.
I also haven’t heard from Mike Silger,John Childs or John Hooten. They should have all received their copy already. (OK, I didn’t ask for confirmation, but everyone knows how the USPS is).

I got it in the mail. I’ve just been too busy to hook up the VCR to the computer and do some video capture.

Hey Everybody,

I’m working on the website at this moment and will hopfully have it done by the end of the week. I got booted out of the editing lab from school til the 24th, so can’t put together a proper trailer until then.

What was shown at NUC was actually a rough draft of the intro to U2. I gave it to them to give people a sneak peek, because I had nothing else to show. I would have prefered to have a seperate trailer made, but didn’t have the time. Although I have no control over it, I would prefer that people did not post the clip that was shown at NUC.

I’m not trying to be stingy, i’d just like to keep parts of the video a little un-disclosed until it is released.

The actual trailer will be posted @ www.sykoproductions.com within 2 weeks.


Thanks for the video translation. It was great. I wish i had places like that to ride. Come to think of it, a MUni would be nice too.


I hope you don’t mind that I have it on my VHS tape that I’ve been distributing. It was announced at the Public Show that video-taping was
not only allowed but encouraged. But if you feel strongly against it, I could go back and cut it out of future copies.

What the heck!?! That was supposed to go to sofa’s "It’s not Universe II, but… " thread. I wonder what went wrong.