Universe II advance photo release

Hi all,

Last weekend I had a really fun weekend of riding with Dan Heaton, filming for Universe II. We rode a brand new stunt trail on the North Shore, Lower Air Supply, and also did some cool trials at my favorite area, Wreck Beach. The latter was a bit interesting for filming because it’s a nude beach…

Dan sent me a few video still captures, posted here:


Kris Holm

Awesome pics, but I want to see them move… When does the vid come out? And what’s the final word about weather universe is going to be included?


But more importantly…will there be boobs in the movie ?

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Great photos, Kris. Thanks. Always good to view your work.



This movie will be awsome… thanks fer the pictures Kris

So Kris rides a rail across a bridge over 100 feet high and alongside a mountain drop off and stays focused. Oh oh, did something finally distract his mental concentration…?

am i the only one that clicks on danger_uni’s link and gets the 404?

try here

Webshots seems to be FUBAR right now. It was working earlier. It’s not just Kris’ albums that are not working, it’s Nathan’s, Carl’s and a lot of other albums.

awh thats better,thanx.


n 1: an ignorant or foolish person 2: Oh, you mean there is another definition?
v : commit a faux pas or fault.

I would guess two out of three. (Although I wouldn’t accuse another unicyclist of being ignorant I’m sure some stunts will be considered foolish by some.):smiley:

edit - Remove tongue from cheek - I couldn’t get the webshots up last night and just saw the pics. Great stuff, love the first and last pics!

I’m down with that. And beautiful angles and scenery as well. Is Dan picking up some tips from Sean White? Looks like it will be an awesome follow-up to Universe. If Dan has a projected release or premiere date, I’m sure we’d all like to know it.

Quite an owie on your chin! Looks like Universe II will have its share of “reality” to go along with the unreality. I would gladly trade your chin for the poison oak that’s swiftly spreading on my elbow and leg (Crash in it, and it spreads fast!).

Wreck Beach sounds like a great name for a place where you ride railings and try to land on poles… :slight_smile:


To answer a few of your questions… I’m hoping to finish everything with UNiVERsE II by late August. That doesn’t mean it will be available for sale then, it still might take another month or so.

Although I would like to, it looks like it will be too difficult with costs and time to put UNiVERsE on the DVD as well. Sorry for the confusion about that.

Anyways, UNiVERsE II is looking really good so far. I have some great music lined up and the riding is insane. Tons of street, MUni, trials, and even some flatland. There will be about six featured riders and over 10 others making appearances. It’s about 75% filmed and 25% edited. I’ll try and put together a trailer and put up some more photos when I get a chance. Also, I should have a website up in the next couple months.

If you have any questions or comments email me @ danheaton22@yahoo.com



Man that is a crazy , huge drop ! I would die ! And I just learn how to ride on stairs !

I cant wait to see that movie !

Nice photo’s. When does the actual movie come out??


By the sounds of Dan’s predictions the DVD of UNiVERsE II should come out sometime in September or October 2003. It’s a pity that the first one can’t be included, I thought a DVD could hold way more than the length of a single video. It is supposed to be superior technology. Guess I might have to order that first one on Video (when I am rich) because it sounds pretty cool.