universe 3

does anyone know anything about a universe 3 its a rumor that I heard and I was wondering if it is true:D

Maybe you should try looking for some info on your own for once.

Syko productions’ site has info on the next movie. It’s not gonna be the same as U1 or U2. It’s gonna be called Defect last I checked. But that’s about all I know. It’s still in it’s early stages. I’m not even sure if he has any segments done.

If there is,im all for it!

(but,i want to get U1 or 2 first…)

I think Kevin said he had filmed his part for Defect, a while ago.



Word on the grapevine is that Universe 1 is goign to be included on the Defect DVD, so there’s no reason to buy it now.

Yeah thats what I heard aswell. Or at least he was talking about it.

dan have started edit to Defect (u3), i think it’s out like mid 05.


Uh, unless you want to see it in less than a year, or two, or three…

Remember how long it was between Universe 1 and 2? Dan may have a much shorter production schedule planned for Defect, but my advice is for people to not hold their breath! :slight_smile:


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Speaking of Syko Productions, does anyone know when sykoproductionsdotcom is going to be given it’s new look? It’s been how it is for a few months now, I think, and I’m getting antsie.

Dan and Jess are working on it as we speak. But, I have sworn secrecy and can tell you nothing more.

Re: hello

Hey, I know you may be new to the forums, but please try and keep the posts at least slightly on-topic. You didn’t need to post that, you could’ve pm’d him instead.

The site has been changed some recently. The bio page is up, last I checked. Right now Dan is working on the store.

some of the Syko Productions site is up. www.sykoproductions.com

not quite all the links are set up yet and definitly still a lot to add, but you can check out what is there so far.


Just curious… why are all the photos on the site PNG? The banner at the top is 151K, where a jpeg of acceptable quality is a fraction of the size. The “photo of the week” would take a fair while to download on a slower connection…


When Dan was at his house he had problems exporting jpegs, the images were not turning out right. So he started sending me PNGs. We just left it at that… it was working, and we were happy. It might be worth it though to convert big pictures like some of the full image backgrounds or the header into jpeg. Thank you for the feedback Phil!