universe 3???

so has anybody heard any rumors that there is going to be a universe 3 or similar in the pipeline?
Maybe filming has alredy started i dont know but has anybody heard anything or do we have to keep waiting?

thanks the juggler

Universe 3 is actually going to be a reality TV series, where the beginning will have 12 riders.

Those who perform the least favourable at all the most popular circus skills will be booted off one by one.

The winner will then move on to LA where he will perform on stage while the current American Idol at that time will whistle the circus tune.

sofa you should have kept that idea to yourself you never know which tv producers could be reading these very forums.

Dan said that U3 will be a long ways off. He’s got some other things in the works, but it’s time to take a break from the series. (I think that’s what he said, although I could be mistaken).