universe 2

any one know when universe 2 is coming out in the uk

is it out anywhere yet :thinking:

i cant wait to see it:D



UNiVERsE 2 is not out yet. Should be out by mid to late November in the states and UK.


canada too right!?

I was talking to Darren Bedford today, Nov.15 is a possible date.

I was talking to Darren Bedford today. Nov.15 is a possible date.

Others predict “In time for Christmas…”.

what was that site for universe 2

Nooo, it’ll all be over by then…


Is there a public preview?

I was just wondering… actually hoping… is there a public preview of Universe 2 available on the net? I’ve been checking www.sykoproductions.com every day for the last 2 months and nothing has changed, so i was wondering if maybe it was hidden away somewhere else… If anyone knows then pleeease tell me, I really wanna see some of that stuff!!! :D:D:D


BJ :astonished:

Hey BJ,

The website is in limbo right now, as I have been really busy with finishing the video and school.

I will get a trailer up on unicyclist.com or the website ASAP, but it still might be a week or two.

Thanks for your patience.

Dan: from watching the preview in CA, it looked like you’re a pretty ok rider. :smiley: How long before you get to lose your “Unicycling Newbie” status?

About 24 more posts.
After 50 posts the text will change to “Skilled Unicyclist”. :slight_smile:
Unless, of course, he decides to put in a custom message there like “Implosion Factor” or something clever.