UNiVERsE 2 Trailer!!!

Hey Everybody,

There is a trailer for UNiVERsE 2 up now. Full info on UNiVERsE 2 and ordering coming in a day or so.

Check it out here:

I’ve only had a chance to put up 1 format so far. It’s Quicktime and in mpeg4, so you might need some updates. It’s 6.4 megs.


It looks absolutely great! I can’t wait for the feature to come out. Thanks for all the hard work.


that was quite a vid!!!

Can’t wait for the complete version of Universe II! Very impressive and impossible moves in this trailer! It would be interesting to see so many different riders in one video…



It’s getting awfully close to Christmas. I hope it can be Fedexed!!

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

i am not sure if i can watch it but can you please put it on divx format

HOLY £%&@!!! That is amazing! Who are the riders in it??

Bloody Brilliant!

WIcked sweet! only 2 more pallets till i can land that jump you did though!

Theres no hope for Chirstmas. The DVD will take 2 weeks more to get duplicated.

I’ll try and put up a DivX version, but i’m not too familiar with that.


For all you Christmas shoppers, give your recipient a card or other note to indicate that this year’s coolest non-unicycle gift is on its way to them!

I cant watch it on anything. cant even watch it in adobe premier :S what can i view it on? its just a white screen


Lol ok was fun, wasnt expecting me to be on it though hahah :stuck_out_tongue:


If only a white screen shows you need to go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

and download quicktime version 6

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN that was intense!! the helmet cam was awsome and the 540 was frickin sick. Can’t wait to get my copy!:smiley:



p.s. i was with these guys for a couple clips :smiley: test of metal, squamish:) im a so proud:D

no he didnt…

thats awsome!!! he didnt do a 540 uni spin did he? that guy? the one on the unicycle?


720s have been done from a standstill, but yes, that was a 540 while riding!

My only gripe about the preview – too short. I showed it to some friends at work. They have no sense of reality. They said “Why aren’t you in it?” Mostly because I’m chicken. Other than that, probably because I didn’t hang around with Dan and his camera enough. :slight_smile:

Whoa Shiat!

Alright, that very last shot you see where the dude is griding that rail then he wipes out. I need to know where that was filmed and who that rider was. Looks exactly like my high school. I mean EXACTLY. even counted the steps, the trees in the back ground, the light posts, everything. If that dude graduated from MY high school im gonna feel so blessed!!! Please respond if you have any info.


That last shot was filmed at Issaquah High School. The rider was Mike Clark, who does not or did not attend that school.