Universe 2, Soleternity- "Conscious"

I’m sure everyone who’s seen universe 2 is in love with daike izumeda’s segment, and everyone who likes that segment likes the song going along with it, a beat called “Conscious” by Soleternity. Since watching the movie i’ve been doing all i can to get a hold of that song on MP3, and i’m telling you all- IT DOSENT EXIST. Kazaa, limewire, google… Impossible to find. My last hope was to AIM the guy who made it, asking for a copy. here’s the transcript of the conversation

TheBadger587 (6:49:28 PM): yo i heard your song “conscious” in a unicycling movie called Universe 2… it’s one of the best beats i’ve ever heard… i’ve looked all over the net to try and download the mp3 but couldn’t find it… do you know where i could download it?(i’d like to learn how to play it on drums)
soleternity (6:51:11 PM): hey
soleternity (6:51:17 PM): that beat is seriously old as hell
TheBadger587 (6:51:37 PM): really?
TheBadger587 (6:51:56 PM): thats a shame, it’
TheBadger587 (6:51:59 PM): s super nice
TheBadger587 (6:52:16 PM): really polished, everyone i’ve watched the movie with loves it…
TheBadger587 (6:52:35 PM): people watch the section with that in it over and over for the song
soleternity (6:53:32 PM): wow really
soleternity (6:53:37 PM): whats the beat sound like
TheBadger587 (6:54:47 PM): hard to type… it starts off with like, keyboards or something for the opening riff, then drums set in and it kinda zones out for a while
TheBadger587 (6:55:24 PM): hey, i gtg reeal fast be back in 5 minuetes
soleternity (6:55:32 PM): ok
TheBadger587 (7:01:36 PM): k back
soleternity (7:01:53 PM): ok
soleternity (7:02:03 PM): I’m trying to figure out if that actually is my beat “conscious”
soleternity (7:02:10 PM): I have a website www.soundclick.com/soleternity with some of my beats on it
TheBadger587 (7:02:29 PM): yeah i’ve been all over looking for that one
soleternity (7:02:34 PM): ok
TheBadger587 (7:02:40 PM): it says it’s you in the credits
soleternity (7:02:52 PM): if it is my actual beat “conscious” that beat has a really choppy sounding guitar in it
TheBadger587 (7:03:10 PM): it links www.mp3.com/soleternity but that no longer exists
TheBadger587 (7:03:14 PM): that might be it
TheBadger587 (7:04:56 PM): is it anywhere online? me and my friend have been going nuts looking for it
soleternity (7:05:06 PM): no
soleternity (7:05:12 PM): i dont even have a copy of it with me
soleternity (7:05:18 PM): its on my old computer back in illinois
TheBadger587 (7:05:50 PM): wow
TheBadger587 (7:07:01 PM): did sykoproductions show you universe2 when they used your song? how did that work
soleternity (7:07:29 PM): nope
soleternity (7:07:35 PM): didnt even know it was used until someone emailed me a while ago
TheBadger587 (7:08:31 PM): thats weird
soleternity (7:08:53 PM): is it a pretty big movie or whats the deal?
TheBadger587 (7:09:08 PM): well, it’s extreme unicycling
TheBadger587 (7:09:57 PM): and it’s the greatest unicycling video ever made, hands down, it’s also the greatest extreme sports video i’ve ever seen, hands down… it’s super big in the unicycling community, and everyone who rides knows about it…
TheBadger587 (7:10:06 PM): thing is, not many people unicycle
soleternity (7:10:09 PM): thats tight
soleternity (7:10:10 PM): lol true
TheBadger587 (7:10:30 PM): but a lot more people would if they see this video…
soleternity (7:10:44 PM): i wonder how i could get a copy of it
TheBadger587 (7:10:53 PM): whats tight is your song is set with the best or 2nd best segment in the entire movie
soleternity (7:11:26 PM): haha tight
TheBadger587 (7:12:33 PM): http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/albuu21/U2trailer.mov
thats the trailer
thats where you buy the movie
TheBadger587 (7:13:15 PM): if you see the trailer, you’ll want the movie… it’s sick
soleternity (7:21:20 PM): damn
soleternity (7:21:21 PM): nice

Anybody know of any other way i can get this song on MP3? I doubt it, since the GUY WHO MADE IT dosen’t even have a copy.

OMG is that the section with the freestyle??? cuz incase that is i have been totally obsessed with that too!! omg its my favorite song hahaha sorry im going crazy

I’ve also been looking online and haven’t found it anywhere. Its handsdown my favorite song. even if universe 2 sucked i’d still watch it jsut for that section. ill keep looking. ill keep you updated on how my search is going


Yeh, that’s by far my favourite song on Universe 2 and my second favourite riding section. I’m really surprised that the writer of the song doesn’t have a copy of the movie though.

By the way, I’m also a drummer.


that was what surprised me the most, that he didnt even know that his song was used… i wonder if this is common with musicians/extreme sports videos

what was your favorite section then??


Kris Holm’s, but his sections are always going to be my favourites because he’s my favourite rider. That round rail is brilliant!

It’s hard to choose though. I also really really like Dan’s section and Ryan and Jeff’s…they’re all really good.

But yeah I most enjoyed watching Kris’ trials and muni riding both in his section and the other bits throuhgout the movie.


I love the whole movie. Even though I don’t really like Muni I can tell when the Muni is good and I don’t skip through it because some sections are cool. The bad thing about Muni is it’s harder to tell what’s actually really hard, because of the slope and just the camera can’t see all the objects which are hard enough to ride over let alone at speed.

I think I’ll go watch it for the 12th time all the way through now, but I’m gonna build up that number soon, watch it once a week or something. After heaps of times you begin to notice little things you hadn’t seen before.


I’m glad a lot of people really like “Conscious”. Soleternity was contacted about use of the beat a long time ago and approved it’s use over email. It was done about 1.5 years before the video was released, so he must have forgotten about it. I was not able to contact him when the video was completed because mp3.com went down.

I actually really need to get him a copy of the vid, so i’m glad somebody was able to get a hold of him.


Hey Dan sent you PM a few days ago tho says you havn’t read it. You prolly don’t bother reading them due to the amount of fan mail you must get.

Re: Universe 2, Soleternity- “Conscious”

This might seem like a bizarre suggestion but just maybe Dan Heaton (uniryder) has access to a copy. Just a guess, it’s not like he’s recently used it as a track on a DVD or anything. Oh, hang on… :wink:


I’ve looked for all the songs on U2 at least once. The only one I’ve been able to find was Day of the Dead, in the Moab part.

My favorite section is Dan Doerkson’s part. Or, maybe Dylan Wallingers. Or, Dan Heaton’s. One of those. I think Dan Heaton’s part is best, though.

I’ve found ‘Roboflow’ from Ryan and Jeff’s section and ‘An Automated Response If You Will’ from Jacinto’s. I tried to find ‘Fifteen’ from the biff section, but couldn’t get it.

my favorite songs from u2 are…
fade away(found)
an automated response…(found)
union of nothing(found)

markw, you have a point. dan, if you’re going to contact soleternity soon about getting him a copy of U2, maybe you could ask him if it’d be ok to upload conscious to a gallery or something.

EDIT: if you can’t find a song that i’ve found, contact me over AIM (thebadger587) and i’ll send it to you.

There are ways you can ‘rip’ the audio from the DVD. I know that there is software on the internet somewhere, which will rip all the audio from a DVD into MP3’s. You just have to search for “DVD Audio Ripper”.

THANKS al.dyne for the tip… i now have an mp3 of Conscious… finally the collection is complete(enough)

Ha, this is funny, we’re all talking about stealing songs illegally, without a second thought.

Anyway, I just found Union of Nothing and An Automated Response if You Will. Type those into altavista.com, and click on mp3/audio. Altavista is excellent for finding music.

i suppose it’s stealing… but when you consider that the guy who made the song dosen’t even have a copy…

Yeah but if you read back a few posts Dan explained why that is, and there is a perfectly good explanation.


i meant that the guy who made “Conscious” dosen’t currently have a copy of the song. you’re right though

Ah, sorry.