Universe 2 player?

OK this is a dumb question but I got to ask.

Some DVD’s that you buy will let you play them in a cd player and listen to the music. Is it that way with Universe 2? I didn’t want to try mine in my CD player because im cheap and don’t wanna ruin it and have to buy another copy. I thought yall already might of tried it or know if it will. Thank you so much.


P.S. Please don’t think im stupid for this post. :frowning:

I don’t know about the playing of music off DVDs in a CD player, but try it - you can’t hurt the DVD by doing so.


You do realize that CD players read discs by shining a little laser on that disc and reading the reflection, right? How exactly do you think that the CD player might ruin your DVD? Either it understands the reflections or it doesn’t. That’s the only issue.

SO I guess just go ahead and try it? Thanks for yalls help. Ill tell you the results afterwards lol.

Nope doesn’t work. I guess i should have just tried it and not been afraid too.

For some reason it won’t even work on my computer. I believe my computer has a dvd player/ cd player in it but who knows.

O well. Bye.

The Universe DVD has different encoding for the video and audio to normal audio CDs, most Video DVDs won’t work. I’ve never heard of audio DVDs working, only Audio VCD (Video CDs). Basically CDs and DVDs have little tracks on them like old records, and the laser reflects off the little bumps or being absorbed. DVDs have smaller tracks so a DVD player has a more precise laser. So DVDs won’t work in CD players because the CD has a big laser that is not precise at all!!! That’s my year 11 physics so if it’s wrong, then I’ll tell my physics teacher. For more look here:

How Stuff Works - What is the difference between CDs and Audio DVDs and here for the different sized trails that i was kinda getting across to you…
Stuff about trails that i was trying to get across but probably didn’t make sense

Re: Universe 2 player?

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, ur wrote:

> Basically CDs and DVDs have little tracks on them like old records, and
> […]
> all!!! That’s my year 11 physics so if it’s wrong, then I’ll tell my
> physics teacher.

If you ignore layers, then that’s pretty accurate!

Ask your physics teacher about layers :wink:



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darn, I wish I could play the sound trak like he asked. it has awsome songs

Re: Universe 2 player?

Too late.

Thank you Catboy.

What?! You are wantonly firing a frikkin’ LASER at your expensive new DVD! Are you mad?!


Anytime, just don’t take anything I say personally.

you could always just use something like sound recorder or equivalent, copy the songs, burn them onto a CD and then play them in your CD player

Or you could spend literally hours searching garageband & the rest of the net for the free mp3s :roll_eyes: . I found Zeromind, Octane 800, Seekret Socyetee, Point Defiance and Estradasphere.

Really want Solernity though


Where did you find the mp3 of zeromind for download? I can’t find it anywhere.


I found some of the songs like Day of the Dead and An Automatic Responce If You Will" on ares and Winmx

The bestist track is 'Much the same - liar. ’

The rest of that album’s ok, but this is their one-hit-wonder song.