UNiVERsE 2 Info and Ordering

Visit www.sykoproductions.com for updated info on UNiVERsE 2.

Pre-orders are also now available. Check out the site for instructions.

Pre-orders should also be available through Bedford Unicycles and Unicycle.com soon.



Anyone wanting to be added to the list for a copy
of Universe 2 on DVD from Bedford Unicycles
please send me the following info:

Name, Address, Phone number and e-mail address

I will ship the same day they arrive.

Send above info to:

Happy Holidays !



I’ll pre-order mine as soon as I know where to send the money, and how much to send. :smiley:


Re: UNiVERsE 2 Info and Ordering

uniryder wrote:
> Visit www.sykoproductions.com for updated info on UNiVERsE 2.

Why are you bothering to convert the DVD to PAL? As far as I’m aware,
any PAL player will be able to play NTSC and any vaguely recent TV will
handle it.

Into the Thunder Dragon is NTSC only. As are New World Disorder 1 and 2.

Even “mainstream” DVDs are now being released in the UK as NTSC.

If it was filmed in NTSC, I’d rather let my TV do the conversion for me

  • using an RGB or component connection, the TV doesn’t even have to
    convert it.


Re: Re: UNiVERsE 2 Info and Ordering

I agree, I would seek out the NTSC version in preference to the PAL version on the assumption that the original material used the NTSC frame rate so the NTSC DVD would be better… I hope my comments make sense…


thanks for the comments about the PAL DVD’s. it looks like were going to be doing all the DVD’s NTSC.