Universe 2: Implosion factor- holy shit

i just got this movie it’s really crazy. Dan Heaton and Dan Doerkson had kickass segments. you should buy it.

Hehe,yeah.Whats cool,is thats old news,they’ve got better tricks already.

How many times have you seen it yet?5?10?

once. I got it yesterday.

what better tricks? examples?

Thats not enough man. Keep watching. Dont come back until you know how many times Dan Heaton sticks out his tongue in the whole movie.

Or how many times Kris Holm raises his right hand up to his mouth "clearing his throat.:smiley:

and you have to find the hidden section,and watch all the bonus things…

where’s the hidden section?

It would be nice if you could refrain from using profanity in thread titles. Actually, it would be nice if you could refrain from using profanity at all in these fora since they are hopefully family oriented.

word on the grape vine is dan doerksen doesn’t ride anymore, so his tricks probably aren’t much better

Oh i see.Hmm,well,never mind.



Dont tell catboy,but its go to rider profiles,click on dan heaton,then go down.

hey, glad you liked the vid. there is a new one on the way in 2 months!!!

i stick out my tongue?


See,THATS what I was talking about,I just didnt want to say,if you know what I mean…

really? whos gonna be in the new uni movie?

UNiVERsE II is SWEEET! I liked Ryan Atkins and Jeff Groves’ part the best. and Kris Holm’s. and like the WHOLE FREAKING THING.
I look forward to the next one Dan!

yeah who?..maybe some guy with a clove and vodka flask. :smiley:

JAGURS IN IT!!! well maybe if that statement turns out to be true. Universe is awesome.

i don’t know who is in it, but i can tell you who isn’t in it…me.

i wasnt hinting anything. i dont know whats in Dans next vid. i just remember turning around and seeing Dan filming my smoke break.

I heard the next one isn’t going to be about unicycling at all. Seems Dan has taken a liking to kite boarding and is taking a stab at making a movie about it. Kind of a Kiteboarding actionmentary. :sunglasses:

Universe 2 - was very cool . I’m glad they included George Peck’s “Rough Terrain Unicycling”. That was certainly fun to watch. George is one of the first (to my knowledge) to create a Muni Video. Does anyone know if he is still riding?

For those who haven’t seen it yet, there is a DVD on Ebay (bid is $3.50 - seems reasonable):