UNiVERsE 2 Filming @ Unicon and NUC

Hey Everybody,

It’s been almost 2 years since UNiVERsE was released and I am really anxious to do a follow up to it. I wish something could have been put together by Unicon, but it has basically been impossible to get a good variety of riders on tape. I want to try and include a lot more riders and styles in this video. The structure of the video will be more in rider segments than by location, as it was in UNiVERsE.

I think Unicon and NUC will be a great opportunity to get a majority of filming done for U2. If anyone is interested in being in the video or just going out and riding, give me an email at danheaton22@yahoo.com. Hopefully we can find some time to get a bunch of people together to go crazy in seattle or something. Freestyle, street, trials, muni, anything goes. Let me know if it would just be better for me to set up some times.


It’s a great idea to make a second Universe, go on Dan.
Which trials unicycle do you use at the time ? I mean which frame, cranks and hub…
thank you


make it available on DVD if you can.