Universe 2 available at unicycles.com.au

I hope it’s appropriate to post this here, if not I’m sorry. Universe 2 is now available from unicycles.com.au for $39.95 and Gary will cover postage. This is only really to the Australian riders out there as unicycle.co.nz has it for a similar price. So Robbie, Nic, etc, if you want a copy please email me at andrew_carter@mail.com with your address and post code.


Thanks Andrew, I’ll look into buying one of these. I loved the trailer, I’m sure I’ll like this.

Come on guys, more people from Australia must want this video! It looks awesome from what I’ve seen and it’s only $40. You could get it from the nz unicycle shop for NZ$55 and then pay for shipping costs of course :astonished: