UNiVERsE 2 at MUni Weekend

Hey Everybody,

This thread is for anybody that viewed UNiVERsE 2 at the Cali MUni Weekend. It sounds like it went over really well and i’ve got some great comments about it.

One of my intentions of showing the preview was to get some constructive feedback, so I can review and make any adjustments before I release the video. Feel free to post comments here, though i’d prefer if you sent them to dan@sykoproductions.com

I’m mainly looking for more specific feedback. I’ve listed below a few areas that I would especially like comments on:

  1. Music/Audio… Quality, Volume, Variety, Balance of natural sound vs. Music. Does the music fit the action?
  2. Flow fo the video… Do the sections flow together smoothly? do any of them get repetative? Should there be more interludes between the sections (I.e. Jacinto’s tire, “Dylan Meets Rock”)
  3. Anything you feel the video is lacking?
  4. Anything that you specifically liked or enjoyed about the video?
  5. Anything that you specifically disliked about the video?

Besides the MUni weekend, the only other people that have gotten comments from are non-unicyclists, so any comments from the people that the video is intended for will help a great deal.

Thank you,

Re: UNiVERsE 2 at MUni Weekend

I love the sections where the rider goes to the beat. In the shots with the RR tracks, I’m wondering if the video speed was adjusted to get the timing to match the music?

I think the new cut is less repetitive than Universe 1. I love the interludes, and would be happy to see more like Dylan Meets Rock.

I don’t know how much flow is needed for this type of video. Taking a break now and then, and changing the scenery, keeps it interesting.

I also hope we get the equivlant of the bonus footage from Universe 1. Just a totally silly section that doesn’t necessarily fit with the rest of it.

Me! :frowning:
Not even holding a camera this time. Guess I’ve got to try to be more extreme.

I also sent Dan some comments direct. Anyone else?

Not that anything can be done… But I wish there were more of an event like feel to it, like the original, it just felt a bit too individual. I also would like a larger blooper reel, those I love. Otherwise, great!

PS. Out of curiosity, how many takes were done on that video, average per trick? Also, haw many pallettes was that, you know where you just jumped clear onto it. It looked like 7 or 8.

allow me to disagree

i haven’t seen the video in question but i think this comment is generic enough
the blooper reel has been done

personally i’ve had enough of montages created for the sole purpose of showing how stupid u can look falling off a unicycle
a poll on this issue might be interesting

instead of a blooper-reel, i’d personally rather see a tightly edited, (slightly speeded-up) sequence tracking the 'development of a trick
from the inception to the preparation thru the first, failed attempts

when it’s in context, i dont find the UPD’s as ‘offensive’

I like Gild’s idea of the development of a trick, something like ITTD where the native fellow “learns” to ride (although for real this time!).

However, I do like the blooper sections: a) the audience identifies more with the experience, b) as a warning to potential riders that you can get hurt - this is not a no-physics cartoon, c) as an incentive to keep trying - yes these guys fall too, so perhaps I can keep trying and make those awesome moves too.

I didn’t see the preview in CA but I’m crossing my fingers that Ben and Ryan’s Coker trials moves at NAUCC made it in somewhere.

I thought Universe was masterfully done and very engaging. I’m sure UII will be even better!

while i was writing my post i was arguing with myself (i do this, it keeps life interesting) and this was the main line of argument i could find in ‘defence’ of the blooper reel

i think i should temper my position somewhat
i wrote the first post in a bit too much of a hurry and came off a touch too judgemental for my liking
my post was in reaction to the suggestion that the blooper reel be extended
i still disagree with that suggestion
dont exclude the ‘blooper reel’ entirely
just give it some context

and if u do want to end the movie on a ‘funny’ note, think about using non-unicycling bloopers that were captured on film during the process
someone saying something stupid, someone staring at the nude beach area when they’re supposed to do something else, somebody spilling root beer on someone’s marmite sandwich
those ‘human’ things we do

these are just thoughts

u did ask


I thought the video was really good. The riding of course was amazing, but I especially liked the many fast paced but smooth flowing segments where one move flowed right into the next. Even more than the outrageous stunts, what I remember is the visually catchy things like disappearing off the wall, and the crank grap to picnic table and fling the frame around 360 deg (name? “windmill”, maybe?). Anyway, I think those kind of shots add entertainment value for even non-unicyclists.
Good job and I will be buying it as soon as it is available. Thanks for the sneak peek.


gerblefranklin - for this video i wanted to really distinguish between peoples styles and that’s why it came out as more individualistic. i think it is important for people to know who each rider is and how they ride.

the blooper reel was something i tryed to throw together about 5 minutes before i sent the video out. it only had about half of the crashes, or maybe even less.

the takes for tricks really varied. i’d say between 1-3 for most tricks, though some ended up being over 20 and i’m not gonna say how many attempts for one or two of my moves. most of the time i only had one camera, so would have the riders repeat moves to get different angles.

gild - the blooper section in this video is going to be more condensed and kept to the deadlier and more odd crashes. i agree that bloopers for action sports are a little overdone, but i do not feel this is the case with unicycling bloopers. the falls unicyclists have are pretty unique compared to other sports and are well worth having a good documentation of.

thanks for the comments.