UNiVERsE 1 trailer finally here!!!

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been going through old tapes to find some things and I came across this video that was meant to be a promo/trailer for UNiVERsE 1. It was made when filming was about 50% complete on the video, when we had only been riding on the monty schwinns for about 3 months. I doubt that more than 2 or 3 people have seen this.

Check it out:

For anybody that doesnt know UNiVERsE 1 was released in 2000 on VHS and is currently out of print. It will appear as an extra on an upcoming DVD.


How upcoming is this upcoming video?


thread jack

who all is going to be in the new video

Sorry for the double post. Whats needed to watch it? I don’t have proper codec or something, on Media Player or Div-x.


Edit: General Dibbles got in before me, but good question.

It is coming in mid-2005. Unfortunately my injuries have really screwed things up with filming and riding, so things have gotten delayed until I can ride again.


Newest version of quicktime should play it.

I’m gonna hold off going into details on the new video as it still has a ways to go.

Dan wrote:

The entire Universe1 or only the trailer???

thats a pretty good trailer… much more informative than mine, i must say.

and a lot of that footage isnt on universe at all.

i think he meant all of universe will be on the new dvd.

im getting upstaged by a 2000 VHS trailer… only dan heaton can do it.

well its funny, even as much things have changed, and how much better they all are, its still very impressive.

yeah :smiley:


Several people have been trying to view Dan Doerksen’s videos which are no longer available on a link posted here some time ago. JC has all his videos in a gallery somewhere and is reluctant to release them without Dan’s permission. I’m in BC and there are some 44 Doerksens in the Abbotsford directory. I can’t figure out how to contact him. Could you PM JC or me or contact Dan and see if it would be OK to make these videos available for public viewing again?

This is the link to the original thread

Thanks. The trailer was cool and didn’t seem dated at all.

the song?

does anyone know the name of the song in the trailer?

it would be much appreciated if somone could tell me:D

footage was cool, didnt care for the music much…



I’m still interested in trying to contact Dan Doerksen in order to get his videos available for public viewing. This is a shameless thread bump.

I"m also very interested in seeing the Dan Dorksen videos.