universe 1 or 2?

wich video is better of those two? i hear universe 2 is better but is it? I want to buy one but dont know wich one.

Universe 2.

I havent seen the first one yet, but Universe 2 is better…

Better how? One has to have a frame of reference.

There will always be only one Universe 1, which was the first place many of us saw the type of riding depected in it. It was the introduction of Street riding to the world, by the guys who more or less invented it. It had a much bigger impact than Universe 2 because there was nothing before it.

Universe 2 builds upon the Universe 1 foundation, with improved riding, improved camerawork, and improved just about everything else except for maybe Dylan Wallinger’s luck. It is also on DVD, which makes for a much nicer picture!

Universe 1 is not planned for distribution on DVD due to music copyright issues.

If you’re serious about unicycling, you really need both. If you can only afford one right now, start with Universe 1 to see them in order!

According to Dan in this thread, Universe 1 will be a on his next dvd as an extra.

and his next DVD should be coming out soon :smiley: i hope, cant wait!!