Universal Rail Adapter

Has anyone ever had the thought of making universal rail adapters to fit kh AND miyata style bolt patterns?

Seen as how there are not any miyata rail adapters that are being made anymore (well at least more inexpensive ones unlike THIS

It would be nice to get an inexpensive (around $30) rail adapter that will fit kh and miyata seats, It seems like people with miyata seats are comming up shorthanded in terms of rail adapters

Your thoughts?

Re: Universal Rail Adapter

You mean seat. I have one but I got it from Jagur I forget where he got it.

Re: Re: Universal Rail Adapter

yeah sorry, seats, not posts

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive miyata adaptor too. If it also worked for KH seats that would be an added bonus I’d be willing to pay extra for…

Well aparently they do exist if someone has one, but don’t the Miyata and KH not only have diffrent bolt patterns, but arnt curved diffrently? The KH having a stronger curve especialyy in the front, How does the universal adapter work? Wouldn’t you have to bend it a little to fit on the miyata or KH seat base? If you went for an inbetween of the two angles?

Or are the angles so slight you don’t even notice.