Universal Muni Handle.


There are pictures of a new, and recently tested, handle that attaches to the seat post. Produced by, and for, Carroll “Gus” Dingemans.

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Re: Universal Muni Handle.

i dont like it :slight_smile:

Why the heck not? it works with almost any cheap unicycle, and for sure with any seat! (given the size of seatpost…)

i was was just being an ass again.dont mind me :smiley:
the function over form of your handle is pretty good.i like a seat mounted handle better though.hey,you made one of those too.

I was debating a handle/seatpost sort of contraption for a while. Most people seem to agree that a handle/seat combo is the best. What are your opinions on the topic, having ridden both?

actually, since im a righty on the seat and my dad is a lefty, I havent really tried it. I do like the idea of being able to have a weak seat, and not worry about it breaking.