unitours.org has some juicy tidbits

By following links at unitours.org, I just found Dean and Jon’s account of their uni/bi-cycle trek in the northern UK. It’s a fascinating read.

Here’s a sample of their journal:

Not to be one to walk down a hill, grapping the handle at the front of the myiata seat for support, and leaning back so that my back was almost dragging on the floor, I rapidly descended Windlatter pass, managing by dint of pure panic and terror to slow my descent to speeds somewhere below 20 mph, eventually grinding to a stop near the bottom through the simple method of falling off and sending the unicycle crashing into a tree. For my birthday I am getting a brake.


How do you get to Dean and Johns account of their ride in the north of the UK? I can’t find it.Have gone to unitours.org but then from there where do i go?

It is not difficult… I have given you all the clues you need… Reach down and find the depths within you, One Wheeler, and you will explore regions beyond your experience.