my newest video… i’ll maybe use it as a sponsorship request but unitil that it will be called Unititled…

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Cute ending! Good work.

Entertaining video. Loved the ending :smiley:

Nice video, hope you get that sponsorship at Unisalg.dk. :slight_smile:
But I missed that 360 unispin down four pallets you bragged about in the brag thread.
I also noticed that new fence kind of thing you have besides your flat area. Is it a trials obstacle or something to prevent you falling into the windows or…?

nice riding! the end was super cute, lol.

yeah!! my little brother is just so cool! :smiley:

nice riding hope you get the sponsorship.
You have some very insterning mounts lol they were sweet
The end was super cool

Great vid, I really liked the trials line and the end was cool but it was a bit too long after the little kid put the thing on the camera. Really good vid.