United Trials Uni For Sale

Yet again, before the eBay goers get a chance to get this, I’m putting my United Trials up for sale here. Below is a picture. It has virtually new cranks (and straight) but the seat has a small tear near the front. I have a picture of the tear if you are interested. The tire has some wear on it but still has hours of fun left in it. I’m asking $175 and I’ll pay the shipping within the contiguous US. Let me know if you are interested by e-mailing me at: tommy@memphisunicycleclub.com I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

United Trials Uni For Sale

Sorry, I forgot to attach the photo - here it is:

What are the specs of this uni? Crank make, pedal make… ect… Thanks!

Hey everybody,

Call in the hounds on this one. In looking to see what the name brand was on the rim, I noticed a small crack on the rim. Though it might workout for somebody - for a while - but I won’t sell it like this. Sorry for the tempation. The sale has been suspended.


If its the rim in the pix it appears to be a Monty Rim. I’m like 90% sure on that one.

A crack sounds unusual, any pix?


I don’t have a pic of the crack and I’m just dashing out to a meeeting. Believe me, it is cracked - Monty rim or not. It has little fishers, starring out at one of the spoke nipples. When I noticed this I just hung it up and walked away.

I haven’t decided what to do with the thing. I certainly don’t “need” it as I have a couple of other trials unis.


Yeah, sounds like its what happend to my rim. Monty Rims are a little odd they are drilled out for larger nipples than most rims 10gauge or something vs 12 gauge. This can cause nipples to pull through the rim a bit and destroy your wheel.

I could be wrong though I’m no master wheel builder I’ve only built 2 wheels and needed help on both to get the dish out. What I did on my last build was to put washers in to stop that from happening, so far so good…

I think I’m going to get the Arrow or Alex rim next time arround though, Monty is a trials staple but spokes pulling though the rim is unexepatble to me.


Monty rims suck!

They are poorly made, and too thin, and like mike said, have the wrong size nipple holes.

I had a monty rim, and it became square, and cracked on about about 8 eyelet holes, but since it was built with spoke washers, they didn’t pull through. Also, the fit with the tire is way too loose. My tire would fall off when i’d hop, and it wrecked one tire.

Tmornstar… if you used spoke washers when building it, don’t hesitate to sell it (considering you’re not going to be using it?) just reduce the price to that of which it would cost the buyer to buy a new Alex rim, and they can be the one who decides what to do with it.

Anyways, if you ever have the option when buying a new unicycle, don’t get a monty rim.



Do I see MUC trials stuff in the background painted blue? It’s about time you got away from the dull black and used your official club colors! Go MUCsters!

Bill :smiley:

Hey Bill,

Yes! And it is all because of you. Great suggestion. As our MUC gear needs new paint I’m slowly shifting from black to blue. You were right, it does add so much more to our set-up. The color is a lttle lighter than I had at first envisioned but I’m going to run through this gallon of paint before I shift, again, to a tad darker shade of MUC blue.