United Trials/HELP

I say,

I have ridden a United trials cycle for almost three years now, and it is officially dead. I loved how light it was. I wish now for a square frame, and cranks that won’t die on me. I need splines. I need lightweight; no more than 13 lbs. I don’t particularly like the look of the KH, and I think I would be unsatisfied with it for some reason, but I don’t know because I’ve never ridden one. I’ve ridden a Torker DX, and that was too heavy. I need a thick wheel for gripping. I was going to wait for the 2006 KH to come out, but then Mr. Holm told me that he doesn’t exactly have yearly models as much as upgrades when he thinks of them, and I can think of some, but I can only buy what is being sold.

Thoughts on a unicycle for me?

I’ve been borrowing my friend’s torker (semi light one with a bike-like 20" tire, not sure of the model,) and it has been fun in holding me over, but he needed it back and I need a fix now.

Thank you

maybe you wanna try a bedford hardcore, it has the profile hub and cranks with life warenty, or if you wanna stick with udc I guess the yunni with profiles would work good too… maybe a koxx devil would be a good option too… and for bedford unicycles : www.bedfordunicycles.ca

HOw much does the Bedford Hardcore weigh? I wish they had pics in addition to the price list on the bedford site. I emailed them a while back about it and they said soon…

WHO CARES AOBUT THE WEIGHT I think they are around 13… but WHO CARES. if you are a good rider you will hop as high with a 12 pounds uni and a 13.

and sry for triping out there :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just curious

well honestly for 13 pounds to 14 you wont feel the difference at all… and bedfords uni arent heavy at all… I own a hardcore 20" and I do no think it is over 13 pounds but I cannot guarantie that…

I’m going to order from Bedford when I have the cashola. I spoke with Darren and he was really nice, and can make me what I want for less than the Kh, so I can’t wait to not be broke.

lmao nice