United trials cranks

Are the cranks on the United trials unicycle bike euro cranks? Are they stronger?

Unless times have changed the United Trials comes with 140 Lasco’s as long as you dont plan on going big they are ok at best.

I broke mine doing a 3.5 foot drop. Pix are in the gallery I wouldnt reccomend them to anyone who even concieves of doing hardcore trials.

Ask them to put on the Dolteck (sp?) or BE cranks


what about monty trials crank arms, do you think there ok to ride trials with? are they too heavy?

my Muni has them and i was wondering cause im thinkin about trying trials

last I heard from John Drummond on this and that was about 6 weeks ago, was that the Monty 140mm cranks are having problems. Maybe, since then, Monty has fixed their problems. Uni.com has dumped the lascos and are now recommending the Dotek cranks. When I was looking at a trials uni 6 weeks ago, the lascos had disappeared and the doteks were now being used.

You can’t get the Bike Euro cranks in 140mm, as far as i know, only 125mm. The doteks come in 140mm.

Call Uni.com to get the skinny on what they are using for United Trials.

Thanks for the answers. Also is it worth it to pay the $25 for the alex rim?

$25 for an alex rim over a monty.

I would say save your money. My Monty rim has held up well. It is also a well tested rim that I believe came first in the trials world. This is what Trials bike riders used for years. I’ve only seen 1 taco’ed Monty rim out there on a unicycle and it looked like that guy dropped a few feet onto the corner of a cinderblock.

The monty rim should be fine.


Sorry for all the questions:D Did you mean the regular Dotek cranks or the cnc one teachndad?