United seat with handle

I was just wondering if anyone had done it. My little cousine has a 16 inch sun with a united seat. I was riding with him and hopping around and he said he wanted a handle like mine (KH). So I looked at the bottom of his seat and it looks like if he drilled a few holes it would work. If any one has done it I would like to see pics.

I think I’m pretty much the first (and probably only) one to have this… the infamous “Poopsaddle” It’s a united saddle on wich I duct-taped a kh-handle.

It holds on well but there’s alot of flex… but the upside of this flex is for when you’re going for big-tricks and misplace your sitting parts it forgives… it just bends under you.

(besides, it fits the whole poopcycle them quite nicely)

edit: the kh handle fits perfectly… I haven’t tried bolting it though.

this is the earlier version. I’ve ripped right through that saddle since and have replaced it.