united seat post to kh seat

okay, i have a united trails frame that fits a small diameter seat post.
i want to put my new kh seat on it, but it has a bigger diameter post.
kh doesnt make seat post in any other diameter, but i was pretty sure that the united post would work. the one at http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=271
works on schwinns, and my friend put his kh on a schwinn post, so it would work, right?

Yes, it would work, that’s what I did for my KH seat when my Semcycle frame took a 22.2mm post.

Yeah it will work, it will work for almost all seats except miyata/torker lx.

off topic, but what is the bolt pattern for miyata/torker lx seats?

Whatever happened to trial and error instead of hoppin on the forum and waiting for a response?

The holes are alot farther apart, the whole flat part that bolts on the seat is alot bigger than the other kind.