United pedals really sticky

I just got a new set of United freestyle pedals, and they barely turn, less than a full rev if I smack 'em.

What should I do to get 'em spinning a little more than that? Also, if I’m gonna buy some of the famous loctite stuff from the auto supply store, what kind should I get for the threads on the pedal -> crank location?

United Deluxe at Unicycle.com

Look about for John Childs’ excellent treatise on pedal maintenance. The bearing race nut is too tight on your pedal. You should be able to pop off or unscrew the pedal spindle end cap. There is a lock nut, an indexed washer, and a bearing race nut under the cap on the slotted, threaded spindle. Loosen the lock nut and adjust the bearing race nut underneath it. Tighten the lock nut. Iterate until it spins freely but has no play left in it.

i got some of these (the white ones) awile ago.yes they are pretty chunky arent they?

for 10 bucks its not worth my time to open them up.as ive been riding on them for awile now they have worn themselves in and spin much better now.go do some uni-sprints and see if they spin better.:slight_smile:

Well, yes for 10 bucks I can’t really expect too much. Is this how all pedals work? I did what harper suggested and they are a little better, but it seems there is a very fine line between too tight and too loose, and I probably would never notice too tight. Also, I couldn’t really tell when I was loosening the inside nut. I wonder what the size is on that thing. 5/8 is what worked, but I never got the feeling of a good grip on that one. 9/16 didn’t fit, nor did 14mm. I couldn’t find a 15mm socket.

Unfortunately I’m grounded, no uni-fun for another week or so. I’ll break it in later and see if that helps. Thanks!