United/Monty Trials Uni For Sale

I have finally gotten around to posting, again, this uni for sale. I wanted to give you folks an advance option before it goes to eBay.

This is the uni that I posted for sale some time ago but when looking for the type of rim discovered a crack in the rim. The new Monty rim has been installed. The cranks are near-new and straight. The is a very slight tear in the seat cover (right at the edge of the bottom lip), the tire has some wear. I’m asking $175 and I’ll pay the shipping in the contiguous US. I can take pictures of specific parts to ensure that you know what you are buying. E-mail me at:



hey im prolly gunna buy it but i have to wait and see how much i have left from buying my torker which is on its way

and im thinking about 155$

Thanks for considering. However, with new cranks, new rim, shipping, I’m still thinking $175. Sorry.

ok i’ll pay 175$ in canadian

With due respect for all things Canadian - even the currency value, no.

ME-MOR-IES :smiley:

Thats the kinda uni i started my trials career on. That was one bomber uni that gave me some great rides! Its so light too i swear i could get five inches higher on a hop than on my KH.

Good luck with the sale, tommy. And dont let the lollipop-thing sell you short.

Last chance.

Tomorrow I’m throwing this trials ride on eBay if I don’t hear from some interested party.

It’s a great little uni!


well my uni should come soon and i’ll probably have some money left but im not sure how much so if you wait i little while till my uni comes then i’ll tell you if i can get it

To be perfectly honest with you, after looking around at Uni.Com, I would recommend getting a Nimbus. I think that I’m going to sit on this uni as the resale value is in the basement as compared to what is available now. What is out there now is as good (if not better) than what I am selling at the same (or better) price.

Go for the Nimbus.


uni 4 sale

yo tommy, im a new rider and in need of a lighweight and strong uni. I weigh 160+ and need something that wont break. I want to take you up on your offer and get that uni. your offer still stands at $175 and ull pay 4 shiping? email me with details. thanks a lot

Hirdy Hird