UNIted for Autism

14 year old Augie Tourdot will be joining me on 6/2/15 for a very special 100 mile uni-century. Augie would become the youngest person to date, to complete 100 miles in one day on a unicycle. I’ve set up a fundraiser for Autism research and already we are close to our target, but we are hoping to surpass it by a wide margin! We are also dedicating the ride to his twin brother Charlie, who has autism.

TACA (Talk about Curing Autism) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating, empowering and supporting families affected by autism. We hope you will make a donation of any amount, to support this very worthy and important cause.

Update: Thanks to continued generous donations, we have surpassed our original target, (new target now $2,500) with several days yet to go before our big ride. In the interim I had my wheel rebuilt with new KH black spokes, and also installed my new Zero saddle. Not sure if I’ll use it for the ride, since there may not be enough time to get used to it. But then again, it’s very similar to my Flatfish so it may be ok; I’ll be testing it tomorrow.

It’s OFFICIAL! Augie and I finished our 100 mile 36er ride this evening and at 14 Augie is now the youngest ever to complete a uni century in one day! It was an incredible experience all the way around, which included TWO TV interviews, lunch at mile 50 with his parents and brother Charlie, AND, we were joined for the last 25 miles by one of my first riding buddies from way back, Perry Petaccia who did a quarter cenrtury.

Augie’s parents really surprised us at the end when they were waiting and cheering while holding a handmade banner declaring our 100 mile finish…which we rode through with glee! Anyway, really tired now but will have video maybe later tomorrow. :D:) :sunglasses:

That’s awesome! Congrats on a job well done!

Thanks Lance. I was hoping you might join us for some of the ride, and also so I could meet you finally. But I know it’s sometimes hard to schedule rides if there’s a work or other conflicts. Plus, I really want to see your awesome geared 32er! :slight_smile:

Here’s the finish at mile 100, breaking through the banner!

Here is our “UNIted for Autism” 100 mile ride video. I think you can tell how much fun we had! This was a very special uni-century in so many ways.



Awesome achievement! Congrats to Terry & Augie! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Planning 24hr/200 miler in near future. :slight_smile: