UNIted for Autism 100 miles in a day!

This was a very special Uni-Century for 14 year old Augie Tourdot and myself. Augie is now the youngest person ever to complete a 100 mile ride in a day on a uni! We are also both youngest and oldest duo to ride a century together! The ride was dedicated to Augie’s brother Charlie, and we also raised money for Autism research. Thanks to all who donated to this very important cause, and to ABC 7, CBS 2 and KCAL 9 for covering our story!

wow impressive
what size cranks did you both use ?

Thanks. Augie used 125mm and I rode with 114mm. He had dual 125/110, but was happy with the 125’s. I was also able to replace the original Nightfox frame with the newly modified version, just in time for the ride.