united 20-inch trials uni

does any one have any comments on this unicycle - United 20-inch Trials with Profile hub and Kris Holm Saddle. i can’t decide whether or not to buy this or the kh20. if any one has one or has had a chance to ride one please tell me what you thought.

:stuck_out_tongue: I thin it pretty good… the profile hub and crnaks are awesomelly strong the kh saddle is comfy and the frame … well I dono about the frame haha

Back when I first started here, this uni was getting some discussion. I would recommend doing a search on it. I think some riders were concerned with the side tire clearance.

Here’s my two cents. The uni comes with a 24" frame, not the 20" frame. The 20" won’t clear the tire, however, after a suggestion by Bevan(Gerbelfranklin), in which he took his 20" United frame and placed shims on top of the bearings, he could get the tire to fit inside the 20" frame. I did the same and had good results. The clearance on the 20" frame is probably tighter than the 24", but it still works, and I don’t get any rubbing, even with a slightly out of true wheel. I think the 20" frame looks better. Weight savings over the 24" frame isn’t much.

Also, I believe there may be some discrepancy with the weight listed on uni.com. Though, I am not sure. I weighed mine once with a cf base, and I think it was 12.5 lbs, but not sure. That’s with sunringle pedals, gb4 seat post and cF seat base.

I would just get the kh and use the saved money to buy yourself a cf base and build up a stronger seat.


thanks for the advice i’m probably just going to get kh