Unite 3 (Max Schulze and Shaffer Nickel.)

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Lol Max is so crazy, nice rail ride Max! Those are soooo good catch on I think :D, Luke C styyyylllllleeezzzzzzzzz!!!

Just hops getting big too dude.

Wow, that didn’t make much sense did it haha.

Those are sooo gonna catch on*
Your hops getting big too dude*

Sometimes I mix words up :blush:

liked the vid! :slight_smile: how high was that hop right before colby did that grind?

I was wondering too. Does Max prefer double prehops or was he just playin around?

Max was just playing around. :slight_smile: The jump was about 130 cm. though. :wink:
I hope they do! It was so cool to see in real life!

Cool video! It looks like Max is pretty consistent with his sideflips, which is amazing. The one in the video was really clean! Huge hops by both of you too!

Are we still calling Max’s flip a sideflip??? I think its borderline frontflip.

could you pleeease put it up on vimeo? Germany blocks it. Thanks!


There’s the Vimeo one. I hope it works, Vimeo doesn’t work on my computer so I’m not sure.