Unite 1 promo. (Watch this one)

This is a promo for my “big” video. It will be out this spring, and features some HUGE new tricks. Watch the whole thing, and subscribe for more info and Unite 1.

looks good :slight_smile:
can’t wait for whole vid, man!

Did u land it?! I want to see. How long?

that is super cool!

I can’t wait! I really want to see you land the frontflip/sideflip!

I must say that I will get a bit dissapointed if you don’t land the frontflip in the full video! But I really respect it so much that you’ve tried, landing it or not! :wink:
Looking forward to what the full video will content!

Yeah me too. I feel like it’s been a trend to post frontflips/sideflips without landings. Just to follow I should probably do the same haha :roll_eyes:

But I’m excited for the video!

Awesome man! Looking forward to the video :smiley:

All I can say is that I really hope you don’t release this until you’ve landed the flip, which is to assume you didn’t land the one in the video. Personally, I don’t believe you did, but I’m seriously looking forward to seeing another one, even if I have to wait a month or two for this video :stuck_out_tongue:


you should add some MUni

I will try that! If it doesn’t come out verry good I won’t keep it, but thanks for the suggestion!

who would do the MUni?

Me most likely. I don’t really know of any other muni riders…
I might be able to find someone though… :roll_eyes:

I’m postponing this a bit. It’s been WAY to snowey up here for me to get any of the footy I wanted by now. It will come soon. I’m going to Moab to get some dry and scenic footage for the video…