I have previously posted about this. A friend and I are organising a trip Unicycling around Tasmania.

We are now in a position to accept interested riders, the plan is for a maximum of 10 riders and we have filled 6 of those spots. The web site has been updated with more information and this will continue to be updated up until the ride.

This ride will occur January/February next year during our Summer. The current distance is about 1339 kms (830 miles) and we will be averaging about 70 kms/day (44 miles/day).

Interested riders will be required to pay a $300 AUD (approx $170 USD) non-refundable deposit, this will cover group expenses (support vehicle etc). If you are interested in this ride please contact either Joel or myself for details on how to pay the deposit.

The remaining spots will be filled on a first in first served basis.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.






James (jimmy)