I know it would be pretty unrealistic, but it would be so cool if someone could get a uni frame on a long board surfboard. Mine is shortboard, but longboard would be more stable.


Does it work?

i havent built one, but it would be cool to try one. it would be so hard to balance. surfing takes enough, then sitting on a seat. in the picture above, the fork isn’t connected to the board.

But there’s no wheel…

How 'bout one of these:

From a 60 minues article:

"This time, he came up with a strange-looking contraption he calls a foilboard, which cuts through the water like a knife, and allows the surfer to sail above the bumps on the surface of the waves.

“This board just cuts through the chop. But you’ve gotta keep your balance on it,” says Hamilton. He makes it sound easy, but other surfers told us it’s like trying to surf on a unicycle."

I’d give my right eye for one of those. :smiley: