UniStar DX

Hey im getting this unicycle for Christmas, It was rated the best unicycle of the year in some magazine my dad read lol.

Is there anything i need to watch out for, does it break easily, drops it can take ect???

I just sent a PM about this. =p

it can take whatever you dish out… i don’t think anyone has broken a 2007 DX frame yet… its so strong!

there are better unicycles
the KH kills the DX in every way

The Kh 20 is lighter than the DX. Not sure about which is stronger though. Also I’m pretty sure that the DX has nubs on the cranks and I know the kh doesn’t. The nubs aren’t too much of a problem and my friend says you get used them and don’t hit them much. Also the q-factor (I think that is what it is called) is where the cranks are angled out (or in) on the unicycle. On the DX I think the cranks are pretty much straight but on the kh the cranks are angled out so you don’t rub your legs on the seat as much. Well I hope I helped.

lol yea i made this thread before you sent me the message lol.

So how much does the Kh cost, even though i have hte Unistar DX, idk which version i have ill have to check.

DX does have a Q-factor, but I dont want to get into all the info about Q-factor and whatnot.

But because the cranks have a smaller Q-factor, it makes pedaling a lot more smoother. At least I think so, after riding on profiles and other cranks with a higher Q-factor, I always enjoy going back to the smooth feel of the DX.

I wouldn’t compare the DX to the KH strength wise anymore. Maybe to the older models of the KH, that would be true, but I think the ISIS cranks and hub from KH are now stronger than the DX.

Yea i have the 2006 version :astonished:
but it still sounds pretty strong.

Just if it breaks wht kind of frame should i get, wht are the chances of it breaking?

Chances may vary.

Some people have broken the frame in just a few months like I did. Others have ridden theres for a year or more and they are still going fine.

You can replace it with a nimbus frame, because the DX has 40mm bearings, and the Nimbus frames have 40mm bearing holders. You could also get a frame with 42mm bearing holders, and shim the DX bearing to fit into them.

does a kris holm frame fit on the dx?

whoops just realized that the kh has 42mm and like jerrick said you can shim the bearings.

kk. but how much does the frame for the Nimbus cost for the DX.

I have a DX and have owned it for 9 months with no problems or signs of breakage.

25 clams http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=848

The Nimbus frames they have now are 25-30 dollars.

When I got my Nimbus II frame is around 50 dollars.

The DX is a good unicycle. You can’t beat it for the price. It has a splined hub and cranks wich is touph and good for drops or whatever you can put it through.It is on the heavier side, but its twards strength. You’ll like it, dont worry!

sweet you guys have me pumped for Christmas lol.
I thought the numbus frames would cost more, no worries then thanks a lot you ppl are the best lol.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :smiley:

you may want a frame without the rounded frame so that you can do tricks with the feet on the frame.

freaking crap… Q factor is NOT the cranks
its the distance from pedal to pedal at an angle
the hubs on the 2 could be 10 mm skinnier or fatter than each other
Q factor is bad to have more of! its harder to pedal if it is greater
if you don’t want to rub your legs as much ride slightly bow-legged

is your current uni bent?

you can use your current frame when the one you have now breaks… if youre lucky and it fits over your tire. If not, it took mine 4 weeks once to get replaced when it broke(it was an 05) but it took forrest’s frame one week to get to him.

ok, well no, its fine, im just getting a brand new one, the one i have is just a 50 dollar unicycle that i got just to ride and toy with because i took my other cheep one, stupid off a ten foot drop and crushed it. only costed my 50 bucks for tht one too, so a Dx, is a big step in unicycles for me, i have 4. :astonished:


i only have 2
my lil brother rides one and i ride my DX